IP, ISDN, and X.21 CODECS   

AVT, Audio Video Technologies, is located in Nürnberg, Germany. In 1996, the company was founded through acquisition of the audio and video products manufactured by Lucent Technologies Nuernberg, formerly PKI, Philips Kommunikations Industrie AG. Since then, AVT has superseded these products with new and innovative products. Their products are developed by a highly qualified development team and are continuously improved to the latest technical requirements.


Beginning in Germany in 1998, Qbit has been creating solid professional audio solutions for maximum reliability and is now a forerunner in multichannel IP audio.


For many years, Glensound has been a premier supplier of professional broadcasting equipment in the UK; Glensound provides Commentary Systems, Dante Audio network products, and Broadcasting mobile phones that can carry 7KHz with HD Voice technology. Glensound Digital Commentary products have been widely accepted by many international sports games; their Digital Hybrid is the best sounded product ever existed in the world, which has more than 70dB of echo suppression ratio.

Xnet2000 GmbH
Fiber Optics ProductsTerminal Adapter  

Xnet2000 GmbH manufactures ISDN and IP based communication equipment for European markets and is based near Frankfurt, Germany. Their wide range of communications solutions are used throughout Europe and have market-proven reliability.


Systembase is the industry leading company in manufacturing audio codecs. Their codecs are widely used in mission critical industries such as STLs. With combination of own developed ISDN protocol stack and IP stacks, SystemBase codecs deliver the highest reliability on ISDN as well as IP connections.

ghip Systems
X.21 over IP   

ghip systems GmbH is based in Germany and offers a wide range of products to allow you to create asynchronous IP links between synchronous devices such as X.21 codecs.


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